Marketing & Fundraising Manager

With a background in independent film production, community journalism and project management, the success of my projects has relied upon fundraising and marketing so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to bring those skills to work with such a wonderful and important local charity.

Equality, diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of my professional projects, producing film on women’s health issues, editing the Burngreave Messenger and supporting disabled artists to gain grant funding has educated me in the strains of intersecting barriers and equipped me with ways to overcome them.

I’m currently working on Convo’s rebranding project with graduates from Sheffield Hallam University’s graphic design degree and overhauling our marketing and fundraising strategies to support the charity’s work as it continues to grow.

This is an exciting time for Convo as we look forward to celebrating 50 years of service and I feel really lucky to be part of a charity that makes a real difference to people’s lives, and to Sheffield’s communities.