Our projects showcase some of the areas where we have developed provision in response to specific community needs, whether that is in response to the far reaching  impact of coronavirus or the fact that lack of childcare is a huge barrier to learning and continues to exclude parents from accessing mainstream provision.

All our projects have developed from where we have identified gaps and pressing community issues. For example, we provide 1:1 support for women who look after their young children, at home, simply because there is no appropriate childcare to enable them to attend a class, Many of these women experience social isolation and low esteem, their child’s life chances are affected by this as well. In response, SAVTE have developed the Learn English Together Project.

The Covid-19 lock down highlighted and exacerbated digital exclusion issues and in response, we developed a digital inclusion project which provides entry level technology, digital literacy support along with English learning.

The SPRING Partnership aims to support all refugees to integrate into Sheffield and SAVTE have developed Welcome to Sheffield multimedia resources to help those newly arrived in Sheffield to navigate the tram system, Doctors surgery or the job centre.


SAVTE produce resources that are available online or from our resource centre. Our resources are practical and support learners to understand about living in Sheffield and help them become more confident active citizens

Living in Sheffield

We have produced some videos with resources that help speakers of other languages understand and practice English in certain settings such as the Job Centre, on the Sheffield tram and at a Doctors Surgery.

Mental Health Resources

SAVTE has produced 14 information packs to help conversations about mental health with ESOL learners. They are aimed at anyone working closely with people who may need support with talking about their mental health. Thanks to a grant from the Talbot Trusts, these resources are freely available to download here