SAVTE has created these videos and resources to help equip people new to Sheffield with the language and skills needed to carry out everyday tasks in the city, such as using health services, going shopping, using public transport, visiting schools, applying for jobs, and accessing volunteering opportunities.

Our vision is to share a set of Sheffield-specific resources that can be accessed in several different ways – by individuals, in 1:1 teaching sessions; in group sessions (including classes and conversation groups) and by partner organisations.

Here are the three that we have already completed, we will add more when we are able to resume filming again next year.

Going to the Job Centre:

• Entering the job centre and signing in
• ID check appointment
• First commitment meeting
• Completing online journal

At the Doctors:

• Greeting and introducing yourself
• Asking for an appointment with different medical professionals
• Arranging a mutually convenient time
• Problem solving
• Thanking and departing

Sheffield Tram:

• Tram routes
• Buying different kinds of tram tickets
• Dos and don’ts of using the tram
• Getting off the tram


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