Nuhu Jallow

Nuhu Jallow  – Community & Volunteer Development Worker

I am a relatively new face at SAVTE (I joined in June 2019). My journey into “development” and the charity sector started while in university as a volunteer and (many years later) as a staff of a grassroots community organisation in Cameroon promoting education, rights and empowered citizenship of Mbororo cattle herders.

From these humble beginnings, I worked as Programmes Manager and CEO of Derbyshire-based international development charity, Village Aid.

I have found a strong “community” feel through everyone I have met at SAVTE, including all the volunteers who the organisation works with. In Cameroon, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone (where Village Aid worked) I supported the development of projects and organisations working will rural villages to address their basic needs (e.g. education, clean water, rights & livelihoods).

My family and I have lived in Sheffield since 2003. I look forward to supporting the work of SAVTE and helping other new (and old) residents of the city become empowered citizens and a resource for the city and country through language skills and community engagement. I have a few work and life experiences that I hope will give me a head start but being a man is not one of them!

Click here for other bios...I like books (my home is full of unread ones that I’m hanging on to jealously), sports (football and swimming mainly) and documentaries. I don’t like food and eating, I only eat because I have to. I cannot say the same for a cup of tea!

Patron:  The Rt Hon. the Lord Blunkett
Registered Charity No. 1081597 – Company No. 3865216