Hello my name is Usha Blackham. I am one of the new trustees, having just joined the team end of 2021.  I am so exited to be part of such a organisation.

I come from a very diverse community and was born in East Africa Tanzaina. I am from an Indian background Gujrati. I have been living in Sheffield for last 25 years.

I started my working career being a creche worker in a becon school Owlerbrook, I was coached by an amazing lady who was from a Palestine, she loved to care for my community. I have delivered lots and lots of ESOL, literacy and wider family learning courses over the years. Events, educational and fun trips out with families was the best time I have spent time with people who have not been out of Sheffield. I have grown to education myself, learn as I worked though my career and driven to do what I can to support my community.

I am now so proud to say I am trustee for SAVTE as I have learnt over the years SAVTE has done so much for the community, families, new arrivals to our beautiful city and I would like to contribute as much as I can to help remain the good work SAVTE gives to the community, volunteers, families and more.