Our Services

One to one teaching

The core of our service is our one to one tuition. This unique provision of home tuition is the first step towards engagement with learning for a large number of learners. This form of teaching enables learners to develop language skills and build their confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

The one to one session in the learner’s home is delivered by trained volunteers using the ESOL Curriculum. The aim is to develop basic language skills and confidence. The learner and volunteer will also look at options for moving on towards formal education and identifying and addressing barriers they may face.

Local Learning Groups

The Local Learning Groups are a stepping stone to advancing the learner’s language skills and assisting with their integration into the local community. The primary aim of the learning group is to provide an opportunity for those who have benefited from home tuition to move on to a class environment. They will improve their English  language skills and benefit from meeting and working with others as well as having the opportunity to gain accreditation.


The learning groups are also designed to engage learners with their community. They encourage interaction, increase confidence, and form the basis of a support network that can be extended beyond the classroom and into the community.

Conversation English Groups

We developed this provision due to the increased demand for English language tuition in the city.

These groups are led by SAVTE volunteers who have been trained by SAVTE professional staff to teach ESOL or are working towards becoming a fully qualified ESOL tutor. These are a useful place for learners to practice and consolidate their new language skills and address issues of integration, helping learners to understand the social norms, customs and expectations of the host community while they are waiting for a space in mainstream ESOL class.