What is it like being a volunteer with SAVTE? Why do people choose to volunteer with SAVTE? What is it that our volunteers find rewarding about enabling others to practice and develop their English Language skills?

Our Volunteer Stories are interview sessions with our volunteers where we ask them about their experiences. We asked them to discuss what they enjoy about volunteering, how they discovered volunteering, and what they enjoy about Sheffield and their local community.

If you are interested in volunteering, but want to know more, click on the volunteers below to read their stories.

We also have stories from some of the people who take part in our classes and 1 to 1 sessions. You can read them here.


Selim joined SAVTE as a learner in a group before volunteering with us. Selim then took part in our Volunteer Development Programme. We spoke to him about how he found the course, and what he enjoyed about Sheffield.


Malcolm helps run a 1:1 class for a learner with impaired hearing. He has over five years experience. We spoke to him about his experiences volunteering.


Cynthia took part in our Volunteer Development Programme. In our interview we spoke about volunteering, and the impacts of volunteering.
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Pat is a Volunteer with SAVTE, she has taught in 1:1 classes and conversation clubs for 12 years. We spoke to her about her experiences volunteering and how she became a volunteer with us.