What is it?
Our ESOL Together project supports adults and their children to learn English together in a practical context.

Volunteers will facilitate fun activities with parents and their pre-school children, developing language in context and supporting parents to get involved in the wider community. Our unique approach enables us to help the most isolated families enjoy learning English together. It is not about parenting and does not focus on developing parenting skills.

There are many benefits of this approach and it has a considerable impact on the achievement of children and their life chances.

Volunteers will help families to:

• Try different activities to promote children’s learning and development whilst developing the English language skills of parents
• Learn and practice new language together
• Increase wellbeing through reducing social isolation
• Be more confident to get involved in school life

SAVTE’s ESOL Together Volunteers
Our volunteers will make a positive contribution to families by combining English support with activities that will enhance and augment existing interactions between parents and their children.
The volunteer role will involve supporting a family in their home (or online) once a week for a session which includes practical activities and sharing a story or nursery rhyme.

The sessions are based on themes such as ‘All about Me’, ‘Out and About’ and ‘Home’ which supports parents to develop functional language skills.

SAVTE have developed a range of session plans and resources and will train and support you to deliver these. We welcome volunteers who are particularly interested in supporting language learning for families at home or remotely online.

For more information about the ESOL Together project, please contact savte@savte.org.uk