I was born in Sheffield and love this beautiful city.

When I was young I was home-educated for a few years and my mum and I travelled a lot around the UK in our VW campervan. I think that really helped me to become open-minded, because we met lots of very different people and had many adventures.

After going to secondary school at King Edward VII School, I moved to Bristol to do a degree in Psychology. My course was fascinating and Bristol was a brilliant and diverse city.

After graduating last year I knew I needed a change from studying and I went backpacking around Asia. It was an amazing experience and I learnt so much. I spent a month in Laos where I volunteered in a women’s empowerment programme. Most of the time I was teaching English and I discovered how rewarding this can be. I wanted to use these news skills when I moved back to Sheffield and so I started volunteering for SAVTE.

I completed the SAVTE training course and I have a 1:1 learner who I have been teaching since March. It is great to be able to help someone who has been so isolated by her lack of language and understanding of the culture she lives in. We have already become friends and her and her children came to my house for a dinner party!

I also teach Broomhall conversation class and from January I volunteered developing resources in the SAVTE office. This meant that in July I was able to apply for a job and now work at SAVTE as a Resource Administration and Development Worker. I love SAVTE and the amazing work the charity does integrating some of the most isolated people in Sheffield.

Click here for other bios... I love being back in Sheffield, especially how close it is to the Peak district because I love hiking and camping. I also love theatre (both acting and watching shows), writing and cooking.