Rachel Edmondson English Tutor – Good Work
My first encounter with ESOL was as a volunteer for SAVTE, many moons ago. Since then I’ve taught and supported people in a wide variety of settings for a variety of organisations including 1:1, classroom and conversation clubs in and around Sheffield and online.

My job involves working on the Good Work programme, managed by South Yorkshire Housing Association. This new programme provides multi-disciplinary support to those experiencing a variety of barriers, helping them to find and stay in employment. My role is to provide practical 1:1 English support, tailored to individual needs.

I love how English learning and teaching acts as a vehicle for welcoming people, building connections and strengthening communities.

Language isn’t just what you think, it’s how you think. I find the Psychology of language very interesting, especially the differences between languages and cultures.
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Words are very powerful. If we have a word for something, we can think about it. If we don’t, we are less able to do so. That’s the power of language!

I also love music and art and see these as a universal language that also helps us to communicate and break down barriers.
Outside of work I am involved in a variety of musical projects where I sing and play the saxophone.


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