Farne Errington – Digital Link Worker.

I previously volunteered with SAVTE as a facilitator several years ago. I met some amazing people, with life changing stories and experiences. It was both a humbling experience, and a privilege to meet such wonderful people and help them with their English skills. I knew that I wanted to work with charities, and that I would try to find a job where I could help my local community.

I have worked with some fantastic volunteers, facilitators, and social workers. Everyone was always welcoming and always willing to help others. I loved my experience as a facilitator with SAVTE and I loved the interactions with the learners, so I decided to apply for my current role with SAVTE.

In my current position, I get to help people understand and access the internet. I also help them to use technology to make life easier. I look forward to working with everyone at SAVTE to help provide technology to connect learners and empower them.

I have lived in Sheffield most of my life, I love the people that live here and the city. If I am not working, I will be cycling, hiking or climbing.




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