Project Support Worker

I moved to Sheffield in 2015, and my first contact with SAVTE was through studying in the ESOL level 2 in class through which I got my qualification.

Wanting to integrate into Sheffield, I looked for any opportunity to go out, socialize and help the local community. I therefore started to volunteer with SAVTE 8 months ago as a one to one tutor.

Before starting to work with SAVTE I spent nearly 10 years working as a lecturer and a researcher in Ain Shams University in Egypt, until I got my PhD in media and communication science. During that period, I gained a great experience on how to plan and develop an educational programme, organize materials, supporting students from different backgrounds,  doing administration work and take charge of many other responsibilities.

I really enjoyed this experience and I found that it could help me in my role at SAVTE as a Resource Administration and Development worker.Click here for other bios...

I am inspired by the enthusiastic team, they all trying to do their best providing the superb learning quality that suites each learner’s needs. They are always trying to think out of the box to support people and make them feel independent.

I enjoy reading fiction stories especially those about the world war.  I like fresh sponge cake and traditional Egyptian food.