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Learn English in a Class

SAVTE has language volunteers who support people in their homes to help them learn and practice English.

We teach people who cannot go to a class because of health reasons or they may be looking after some at home and cannot leave them alone.

Most learners are referred from organisations supporting people, but if you know someone who is isolated and could benefit from one to one support, please get in touch.

Link to referral form – coming shortly

Everyone is welcome to our Conversation groups
They are free to attend and open to anyone who wants to practice their English and meet other people.

Some of our groups are women only – please check.
Where can I find a group?

Call SAVTE or search conversation groups on the Learn English website

I want to set up a conversation group in my area?
SAVTE works with any organisation or groups of local people to set up new groups where there is a need. Please get in touch with us.

SAVTE organises classes in the community. We give priority to our 1:1 learners to help them make the first steps into classes.

Sometimes we have spaces, and you can contact SAVTE at the beginning of each term to find out.
















Learn English website -(www.learningenglish.org.uk) – This website lists all English classes in Yorkshire and Humber, all of SAVTE’s classes and conversation groups are listed here, along with many others.


Refer a learner for 1:1 support

What is it
SAVTE trains volunteers to support learners in their own homes, or in a suitable safe place. We spend time getting to know both our learners and volunteers so that we can make a suitable match.

1:1 placements initially are for 6 months, when they are reviewed and either extended or a progression opportunity offered.
We prioritise learners who cannot attend a class or group because of personal circumstances – for example, due to a health condition (physical or mental), care responsibilities (young child or adult), or that their level of English language or confidence would prevent them benefiting from benefiting from attending a class.

How to refer
Please complete the form and provide as much information as possible.
The safety of our learners and volunteers is paramount. We undertake a risk assessment and safety checks for both volunteers and learners before a placement is made in a home.

We welcome referrals from any organisation working with people who live in Sheffield and will work collaboratively with the referrer to ensure all necessary safety checks are carried out before a placement commences and to resolve any issues that may arise.

Waiting times vary and depend upon the availability of volunteers. Therefore, please let your client know that there is a waiting list and that SAVTE will contact them directly to arrange a visit to assess both their language ability and other needs.

Application form

Apply for ESOL Classes – click here for our application form or simply call the SAVTE office and we will take your details.

SAVTE will contact you to check the information and invite you to one of our ESOL classes in Sheffield


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