Would you like to learn English to help you live more independently In Sheffield? Or do you know someone who would like to learn English (You can make an application on behalf of someone)

  • Do you have difficulty attending English classes?
  • Do you know someone who would like to learn English but just can’t get to a class?

If you cannot attend an English class, we will find you a tutor, perhaps you are looking after a young child of another adult, or you may have a health condition that makes it difficult to travel or you would like to be more confident before you start to attend a class.  

SAVTE will teach anyone English regardless of their legal status and how long they have been in the country.

Apply for English tuition. – complete an application form, print and return or simply call the SAVTE office and we will take your details.

SAVTE will contact you to check the information and arrange a visit by one of the SAVTE staff to assess your language ability and needs.

What learners have said about us...

What learners have said about us…

“Learning English has enabled me to be more confident.  I can go anywhere and not worry about what I am going to say or if I will be able to understand what I will be told.  Learning English has also enabled me to enrol at college for different courses.  I can read my letters or bills without any difficulty.  I can also read new papers and books.” – Annet


“Kerstin was a big help for me, she helped me with letters that came to my house.  I have a disabled son and have to attend many hospital appointments, I learnt English to use in the hospital with my son and also at the shops.  I now only need an interpreter at the hospital for big decisions about Aman, like an operation, for normal things I don’t need an interpreter.” – Negesat

“I can talk a little bit of English, I can go in the shops.  Now I know how to take the bus.  I know how to go to see the doctors.” – Blerta


Patron:  The Rt Hon. the Lord Blunkett
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