Finance Business Manager

I started at SAVTE as the “Project Officer” in June 2018. I’m currently SAVTE’s Programme Support Manager and Finance Worker.

I started at SAVTE as the “Project Officer” in June 2018. My main job is to support all the administration and financial aspects of SAVTE’s work. My previous administration experience was at another charitable organisation called Languages Sheffield – supporting complementary schools and bilingual students in Sheffield.

The thing I love about my work is that my duties involve interacting with each member of the team; staff; volunteers and learners. Also recently I started to manage the referrals and make links with partner organisations.

Although I only started two months ago, I already love working for SAVTE as it changes learners’ lives by making them independent.

Click here for other bios...Being surrounded by a dedicated and experienced team is inspiring. I feel very passionate about supporting everyone at SAVTE in achieving their goals.

My small family joyfully occupies my “out of work time”. I love cooking Syrian cuisine and I’ve recently started cycling again; inspired by my little daughter’s cycling skills!